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The Aizu Wakamatsu town is a tourist spot.
Wakamatsu City, Aizu is a tourist spot where many remain a historical showplace.
Please enjoy the tourist spot of Japan by all means.

 Tsurugajyo Castle

Symbol of Aizu. It opens as a castle museum in 2004 renewedly.
Tsurugajyo castle is located in the south end of the old urban area, is separated in the district (old samurai residences) and the town residence in the outer moat, and is "hirayamashiro" type that has the inner moat in addition internally in the district.
Ruins of a castle are city park Tsurugajyo castle parks, and the most is specified for the historic site in the country.

◆所在地:1-1 outemachi, Aizu-wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan
◆It is about 10 minutes in the car from Kutsurogijyuku.


 Aizu Bukeyashiki

The Aizu Bukeyashiki is "History stroll zone" and Aizu where the old Nakahata formation shop, tearoom, clan rice cleaning of the U.S. place, and pavilion etc. of the Aizu historical resource of the important cultural asset place eaves in a line centering on Saigo of principal retainer of the Aizu clan Saigou Takamori. It is an integrated museum park with in the restaurant" that can taste local specialties of "Village atelier now and then" and Aizu where the good one of Fukushima was collected.

◆所在地:1, Higashiyama-machi-Ishiyama-Innai, Aizu-wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan
◆It is about 5 minutes in the car from Kutsurogijyuku.



Because the origin of the name "Mt. Iimori" was shape that this mountain piled up the rice, this name was named. When the corps mistakes to fall the castle old samurai residences' around Tsurugajyo castle etc.
The tourist who is estimated at two million people a year visits, and incense to mourn for the untimely passing doesn't bear the grave front.

◆所在地:Ikki-machi-yahata-bentensita, Aizu-wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japa
◆It is about 15 minutes in the car from Kutsurogijyuku.


 Aizu Han school "Nisshinkan"

Children of a senior feudal soldier in an Aizu clan at that time entered ten years old and it entered "Nisshinkan".
The high achiever got entrance to the story place (university) admitted by the person who completed the read without construing place, and going abroad to Edo and another clan to study was permitted by a then excellent person. It can be said that it is an eminent educational institution at the clan school where the number is in the whole country.

It can know the study of boys at that time in facilities where clan school "Nisshinkan" was restored.

◆所在地:10 Kawahigashi-machi-Minamitakano-Takatsuka, Aizu-wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan
◆It is about 20 minutes in the car from Kutsurogijyuku.




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