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ホームへ戻る 千代滝 新滝 お料理 湯めぐり アクセス 周辺観光 よくある質問

Shintaki Inn & Spa
It has been known while it is in the hot spring village that becomes antiquated by a modern making.
The tradition is succeeded, and a different relaxation can be tasted in the pavilion where the Taishou era Rickie Lee Jones was considered. The source that begins to spring from the rock doesn't have the change in now and old times.
Please spend time to soak up history while hearing the sound with a constant mountain stream.
It is called monkey's hot water and is known as a hotel of Hijikata Toshizo the annex Fudotaki old.
Please experience "..starting.. sink" in the state of flowing from real pleasure and the source of the hot spring.

 Hot Spa
千代滝のページへ   新滝のページへ

"Watari Yu"

while imagining the starting point of the Higashiyama hot spring, and "simple hot springs" -- a modern design -- classical -- it arranged in modern style highly. A large window expresses the patency of hot springs and business of Nature is felt at hand.


"Sennen no Yu" -Natural stone bath-

"Hot water in 1000" was the one that hot spring bedrock of nature was made the best use of as it was, and the hot water of a successive public clan before. After the Meiji era, it was loved by a lot of writers, and it became great writer Yokomitsu's of Toshikazu baby's first bath. Use and the profit are received as reserving.

新滝のページへ   新滝のページへ

"Sennen no Yu" -Marble bath-

After the Meiji era, it was loved by a lot of writers, and it became great writer Yokomitsu's of Toshikazu baby's first bath.
A slow flowing will offer the relaxation of the best to an as it is flow at time.


"Sennen no Yu" -Open Air bath-

Outdoor hot spring where it faced Yugawa who flows in Higashiyama.
Changes of the season is felt by senses by me while hearing the flow of a beautiful, delicate mountain stream.
It is a luxurious outdoor hot spring where the scenery of Higashiyama in which the emotion is located can be monopolized.

新滝のページへ   新滝のページへ

"Saru no Yu"

The Aizu feudal soldier was familiar as a simple sideward watering place of the river. old
Hijikata Toshizo recuperating in the case of Boshin War is visited, and the anecdote that takes a plunge into a river from a rock bath at that time is told.


"Saru no Yu" -Open Air bath-

Abundant amount of hot water private spouting spring has received the recognition of "Hot spring inheritance" by the meeting that defends the Japanese hot spring inheritance.

The highest grade Room (Bekkan)   New Room (Shinkan)
湯めぐりのページへ   竹久夢二ギャラリーへ
A good material is used and the highest room in the relaxation hotel group. the made "Tasteful cottage making" style of the politeness it.
It is a race that suppresses the color and a calm room.
  It is possible to use it widely because there is no partition between of the room and carpeting paved.
Because the window shade is used for the window, a lot of lights can be caught.
Main Room (Honkan)   The west pavilion Room (Nishikan)
湯めぐりのページへ   湯めぐりのページへ
I can enjoy the murmuring in the river because all guest rooms are in the banks of a river.
It is a guest room of atmosphere settled though it is old.
  The west pavilion was redecorated in April, 2007.
It is a simple making of the retro style that the contrast of the black tree, the wall, and the mat feels nostalgia.
 Facilities in Shintaki

"Takehisa Yumeji Galleries "

A small work exhibition corner of expression of feelings poet painter and "Takehisa Yumeji" of this pavilion was installed.
Everyone can see.

"Yumeji" left a lot of works by inclining zeal to the stay in this pavilion over three degrees in 1930 1921 1911, and drawing the woman in Aizu and scenery.


Japanese Dining "Yuusen"

It stuck to the lighting and atmosphere and seeming Aizu it and nostalgic somewhere atmosphere were produced to the adult space done to attach. We will prepare 'Local sake corner' that doesn't collect either for the thirsty soul.
Please give 'Creation Aizu tradition hometown dish' to me skilled without reserve by all means by a Japanese style dining with which the charm overflows.


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