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Aizu Higashiyama Hot Spa Kutsurogijyuku Inn & Spa
A Kutsurogijyuku is the "Chiyotaki" and a "Shintaki" of the Aizuwakamatsu-shi, Fukushima Higashiyama hot spring.
The tour around hot water of two hotel is possible. The "Chiyotaki" has a popular view large bathroom which can overlook the Aizuwakamatsu street.
A "Shintaki" is a fountainhead credit sink in the hotel connected with Hijikata Toshizo. a Shintaki -- the Aizu han -- it is the main cottages and Takehisa Yumeji and Akiko Yosano also visited.

 Two Hotels of boast characteristic in the Higashiyama hot spring village.
 It matched it to the favorite「Aizu of relaxation」Yumeguri and The hot spring is enjoyed.
The hot spring of Higashiyama village can be seen.
Fine View Open Air Bath Charming
Hotel in the foot of a mountain
Source of hot spring boils from the rock.
Pavilion where Taisho Period was considered
feel the history.
 Chiyotaki Top Page  Shintaki Top Page
 A recommended institution inside a hall. Aizu's time relaxes slowly at a hot spring.
Hot Spa Round(Yumeguri)   Jizake no Yakata   Takehisa Yumeji Gallery
湯めぐりのページへ   地酒の館のページへ   竹久夢二ギャラリーへ
Hot Spa Round Page   Jizake no Yakata Page   Yumeji Gallaly Page
All the you who stayed can enjoy the tour around hot water. How are snow viewing, enjoying the evening cool of Kawabe of summer, and the stroll of a hot spring resort also of intermediate exceptionally in winter?   Recommendation of a prejudice! I prepared the vessel of a Keizan glow which is local kiln origin, and Ryumonyaki. Please try on the vessel of liking.   Takehisa Yumeji Works of several points, such as a beautiful-woman picture with the anxiety appropriate for a Yumeji among the works left behind to this hall, are exhibited.
 Foods which were able to be taken by local Aizu. Boast Creation hometown dish.

Kutsurogijyuku arrange the Aizu local culinary specialties using the foods in local season so that many visitors' mouth may be suited. It is happy if the visitor who visited to the Aizu Higashiyama hot spring can feel local gastronomic culture.


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Aizu Higashiyama Hot Spa Kutsurogijyuku(Chiyotaki/Shintaki)
43 Kutsurogijyuku, Higashiyama-machi-Yumoto-Terayashiki, Aizu-wakamatsu, Fukushima, Japan
TEL +81 (242) 26-0001 FAX +81 (242) 26-0005

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