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Creation Aizu Hometown Dish
The dish of the relaxation hotel arranges the Aizu hometown dish that uses the ingredient of in season in local to be a lot the customer palatable.
It would be greatly appreciated when the gastronomic culture in local is felt to the customer who visits Aizu.
It will correspond to wanting the seafood such as slices of raw fish, and feel free to tell us, please though farm products are centered.

 Creation Aizu Hometown Dish



Miso grilling for 2 years in domestic beef Aizu.

The miso finishes delicious in Aizu that is the home of good quality rice and the soybean, too.
The most popular "Miso scorch coming for 2 years of the domestic beef in Aizu" in "Kutsurogijyuku" the main cooks by applying a soft, juicy domestic beef to the country miso of Aizu politely ripened spending 2 years.
Please give a peculiar smell and the profit of the miso for the domestic beef and 2 years in Aizu that melts in the mouth to me skilled.



Fresh Toro "Yubasashi"

It is a bean curd as for a processed soy product typical as well as the miso.
It is this "Namayubasashi" to heat the bean juice that can be done during manufacturing the bean curd, and to have saved the thin film put on the surface. The highest masterpiece of tofu seller in local is examined closely and it stocks every day.
Please it falls and eat the rock salt by the favorite though eating as it is is recommended.



Aizu Hometown Dish "Koduyu"

It is typical local specialties spread to "koduyu" and Aizu from of old.
It seems always to behave by each home in an auspicious seat such as New Years and ceremonial occasions.
Soup is taken by scallop's dry adductor muscle of shellfish, and an elegant taste in which the taro, the carrot, the Jew's ear, the string paste made from the arum root, etc. are put.
It sells it also in the stall in the pavilion.


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