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Chiyotaki Inn & Spa
This Inn is located in the highest position in a relaxation hotel, and from the unparalleled view view open-air bath of boast, a whole view of the Higashiyama hot-spring village can be commanded, and it can overlook the Aizu basin far from it.
Please enjoy the night view of the light and hot spring resort of the town of the panorama and Aizu according to the four seasons from the snow-covered landscape of the mountains of a ravine to fresh green and magnificent view autumnal leaves.
There is "a mansion of a local brand of sake" which arranged about 70 kinds of Aizu's [ besides the shopping corner which had the product of Aizu of selection in stock ] distiller's Jizake.

 Hot Spa



Fine View Open Air Bath "Yuugetsu no Yu"

The view outdoor hot spring widely became new in July, 2007. The outdoor hot spring in the private house of old of Aizu is imaged.
Please enjoy the evening sun where the Aizu Wakamatsu town is dyed and the town light at night, etc.



Fine View Large bathroom "Yuugetsu no Yu"

View large bathroom where air of season is felt in space assumed to be spacious in winter of snow in autumn of autumn tint in green summer in spring of cherry blossoms by bare skin because smell of soundly and springing hot water comes to an understanding.

New Room (Shinkan)   Main Room (Honkan)
湯めぐりのページへ   竹久夢二ギャラリーへ
It is making to which the hot spring street from the window of the room to Higashiyama can be commanded.
The Japanese-style room is a purely Japanese style room that can relax peacefully in the space of 12.5 mats with composure based on the plain wood where depressing 10 mats and mats paved and [hirofuchi] of 2.5 mats attached.
  A part of the main building was redecorated in April, 2007.
It is a space for a black pillar to become an accent, and to feel nostalgia somewhere.
"Aizu cotton" is used as well as the decoration of the hot water round passage in a new waterfall for the shop curtain of the lavatory entrance.
 Facilities in Chiyotaki

Recommend of prejudice "Jizake no Yakata"

Wakamatsu City, Aizu is famous Japanese sake that holds 15 one sake brewery in the city.
The number hits half the number of the sake brewery in the Fukushima prefecture though there are about 40 sake breweries when the Aizu area is included.
It is "Pavilion of local sake" in which always collecting 70?80 kind exists on the side of the lobby as for local sake in the Aizu area.


Japanese Dining "Honmaru Kakujyo"

Dinner party place Japanese style dining castle proper 'Crane castle' opened to relaxation hotel "[Chiyotaki]" in May, 2009.
It is settled atmosphere based to the motif on the black as for "Tsurugajyo" that is the symbol of Aizu.


Aizu Higashiyama Hot Spa Kutsurogijyuku(Chiyotaki/Shintaki)
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